Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Backs Thank You...Now Could You Bring A Little Sunshine Our Way

This post is dedicated to all of you!!!  
Nate & I want to thank you for all your support.  

Our New "Used" Hay Stack Liner Purchased With Your Help - Many Thanks!

We are happy to report our first GoFundMe campaign for bail baskets was a success!  Thanks to Nate's ever vigilant research skills we were able to find a used Stack Liner for $2000.00.  This is 1/4 the cost of our GoFundMe goal request which means that even though we did not reach our original goal we were able to find a better deal and use the donations toward a little more than 1/4 the cost of the Stack Liner.  That is AMAZING!!!  Thanks to you, Nate and I will not have to haul by hand over 2000 bales of hay this next hay cutting.  We are very excited because the Stack Liner saves us even more work than the bale baskets because it collects, stacks and neatly places the hay.  I will be adding lots of pictures of it in action once the hay season begins.

With one success to share with you, we are on to our next goal and we would love and appreciate your help! One of our earliest plans for the farm was to incorporate alternative energy resources - solar panels & wind turbines. Now that we have successfully prepared for the upcoming hay season and have a field full of equipment eagerly waiting to begin cutting, we can focus our energies back to energy! That being said, we have set up a new GoFundMe Page in hopes that we will be able to purchase a Solar Power Kit and help make SweetWater Farm just a little bit greener!  

Please visit our new GoFundMe page ( read more about our plan, goal, and find out how you can donate.  We have even added a little incentive for those of you who are interested in donating.  

Please remember any donation is a big help to us. The donations we received for our last GoFundMe request helped contribute to a large portion of the costs. Please feel free to share our page with friends and family. We love sharing our experiences on the farm with friends, family, and even your friends & family too!

Speaking of friends & family, we have been fortunate to have many visit this past year and all of them have been amazed at all the hard work and progress we have made. Many of them are planning their next trip back to the farm because they loved their time enjoying the natural beauty of Sweetwater and escaping the hustle & bustle of the cooperate world. Hopefully, this solar project will help enhance their next visit by providing them with those ever needed creature comforts, but without all those pesky "footprints" we leave behind. 

Not only will your donations help support our goal of creating a sustainable farm, but it will help make a little impact on conserving and protecting the world around us.

Thanks for your support & no matter the donation amount you can give, we appreciate it.

Always Nate, Lily & Our Critter Crew 
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GoFundMe - Solar Kit

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Arctic Blast vs. SweetWater Farm

As Nate and I have settled into farm life we have begun to establish our routines, chores, and projects to be completed for the coming year.  Fortunately, Nate and I are pretty organized and like to lay our plans out before we get started.  Funny thing about “planning” on a farm is it is better to call it a “wish list” and sometimes just “a wishful thinking” list.  Soon your list is full of different tasks that need to be completed and if you are lucky you can pick which one you would like to focus on for the day.  Realistically, you do what needs to be done as dictated by the weather, animals, broken equipment, or whatever else heaven & nature throws at you at the moment.

…Which brings me to this “Arctic Blast” business we have been having recently.   Upcoming plans of building the sea crate house, pole barn for hay, & barn for animals have been blasted a few notches down on the list.  Instead, I have been running around winterizing & re-winterizing chicken coops, lugging hot water to frozen over buckets, scooping up eggs before they freeze, tending to frost bit chicken combs, chilled animals and making sure pregnant goatie mommas have enough to eat.  Nate has been at war with frozen pipes, heat tape, broken water pumps, fixing a fussy Ford truck, getting firewood, keeping the fire stoked, building a birthing shed for our very pregnant goats and installing heat lights in the coops.  We have had a few lucky warm days and have been able to sneak in some of our planned items on our to-do lists, but we are coming to terms with the fact that during the winter our list should be written in pencil. 


We go with “Nate’s Plan” for next winter…

Sailing to Mexico!

Are there any takers on babysitting some goats & chickens next winter?
Thanks for visiting us on the farm! Be sure to check out our next blog about gifts, visiting, & the dreaded butchering day.

Nathan, Lily & Our Critter Crew