Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Welcome to SweetWater Blog - Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hopefully today we will have our website up and running.  Poor Nate spent most of the afternoon wading through FTPs, Domains, URLs, and other computer speak trying to upload the site.  I guess that is why we have rainy days...to get all the busy work done. We had a pretty successful day and still managed to enjoy the quick sunburst by taking a walk around the hayfield with three very happy dogs leading the way. 
    We have been pretty busy here.  Nate finished the chicken tractor a few days ago & now the chicks are happily causing trouble in their new double decker condo. They are getting very big and starting to develop little personalities.  Nate and I have set up two chairs just to watch them. Believe it or not they can be more entertaining than satellite TV.  We play “How many roosters do we have?”

Oh we have upgraded our water pump by the spring and now we can fill the tank in about 5 minutes. Nate showed me how to hook up and drive the water tank trailer so we can work together and that has helped cut down our overall time of refilling the tank to 15 minutes from start to finish.  Besides upgrading the water pump, we have upgraded internet, added satellite TV and improved our cell phone reception.  It is nice to stay connected. 
    Now that the chicken tractor & garden boxes are done, we are taking time to organize the house and garage.  Oh did I mention we finished the garden boxes a few weeks ago.  Nate worked hard using lumber we were able to get for free and built two large garden boxes.  While he was working on that I was planting seedling and buckets of various fruits and vegetables.  At present, we have are seeing the fruits of our labor (pun intended).  We have plants growing and they are loving the rain and sun combo we have been having.  We just made fresh pesto with our basil and have been sneaking our fresh cilantro in all the meals we can.
    We have been snapping pictures of our various tasks.  I plan on uploading them soon.  After we get the house and garage organized, Nate will be starting the foundation for the sea crate house & I will start tilling the land for the big garden.  More to come, so keep checking back...

Nate, Lily, & our ever growing critter crew. 

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